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Avo-Cocoa Facial Polish

Image of Avo-Cocoa Facial Polish


The Avo-Cocoa Facial Polish is a gentle exfoliator using walnut shells.
I stuck with some tried and true ingredients to give this product a luxury feel, in addition to awesome benefits for the skin.

Avocado Butter and Cocoa Butter - moisturize, improve elasticity of the skin and help diminish scars.
Walnut Shells - gentle exfoliation
Black Currant Oil and Carrot Seed Oil - increases renewal of skin cells
Jojoba Oil and Honey - moisturizes and keeps your skin glowing!

Use: once a week-twice a week

Do not use on cuts or burns and keep away from eyes.

Directions: A little goes a long way. Massage into skin, focusing on areas where skin is dry/peeling. Wipe away with a warm towel.

Ingredients: refined avocado butter, cocoa butter, walnut shell, black currant oil, *carrot seed oil, jojoba oil, *raw honey, vitamin E (preservative)


*indicates an organic ingredient