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Black Currant and Lavender Oil Cleanser

Image of Black Currant and Lavender Oil Cleanser

You all have requested many times over to make the oil cleanser that I use for myself available to you for purchase and it's here!

The Black Currant & Lavender Oil Cleanser is a powerful oil cleanser to use for your oil cleansing method. To make it even more beneficial, I have included 1 pore cleansing pad with the oil. The pore cleansing pad helps the oils to penetrate deeper, digging the gunk out of your pores. The result is smaller pores, smoother and clearer skin.

Black currant oil and carrot oil help speed up cell regeneration while lavender and more fights acne.

The oil cleansing method reigns superior over detergent based cleansers because of its ability to help normalize the skin (no more excessive oiliness) and promotes a more even skin tone.

The oil cleansing method requires patience. If this is your first time trying the oil cleansing method, you may experience a breakout within the first two weeks. This is completely normal as your skin is purging a lot of gunk that your normal cleanser was not removing. Past this two week period, you should experience less breakout and clearer skin.

Directions for use are included on the label. You'll be using a dime sized amount of product, a little goes a long way. 2fl oz should last on average 2-3 months.

Limit use of the pore cleansing pad to 2-3 times a week. Never use the pore cleansing pad for 2 consecutive days in a row. Overuse can result in aggravated skin. On the days you will not use the cleansing pad, just simply massage your skin with the cleansing oil, steam and remove excess.

Ingredients: *grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, black currant oil, carrot oil, lavender essential oil

2fl oz, comes with 1 pore cleansing pad. Additional pore cleansing pads can be purchased by copying and pasting this link in your browser

*indicates an organic ingredient