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Double Agent Butter

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This amazingly creamy butter is filled with wonderful goodies for the body and hair!

Avocado, Shea and Acai* Butters make up the creamy base for this butter.

I added Camelina and Cranberry Seed Oil both of which are high in Omega fatty acids 3-9. This butter is excellent for eczema and psoriasis sufferers, improves elasticity of the skin, provides a protective coating for hair follicles and is high in tocopherols (naturally occurring preservatives).

This double agent super butter is sure to maintain moisture, absorbs quickly and lasts!

Coconut scented.

Remember a little goes a long way!

*The butter will have little black specks. These are from the Acai Butter and are totally harmless!

Ingredients: shea butter, avocado butter, acai butter, cranberry seed oil, *camelina seed oil, jojoba oil, fragrance, vitamin E(preservative)

Default price is for 4oz.

4oz, 16oz

*Indicates an organic ingredient.