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Shea and Matcha Green Tea Butter

Image of Shea and Matcha Green Tea Butter

The newest addition to the Belle Butters line of butters is the Shea and Matcha Green Tea Butter.

We all know how beneficial green tea is for our diet. Green tea is also great for your skin and hair, even when it's used topically!

Matcha green tea does the following:
-Block UV rays
-Inhibits inflammation and stops the damage done to your DNA (skin cells)
-Soothes dandruff and psoriasis
-Strengthens and softens hair while preventing split ends
-It has been found to stimulate hair growth, but we'll let you test that one out for yourself ;)

8oz., 16oz.

Ingredients: shea butter, matcha green tea butter, avocado oil, rosemary oil, vitamin E(preservative)